IRCEPInternational Research Centre for Experimental Physics (Queen's University of Belfast; UK)
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The first IRCEP steering committee meeting was held in San Isidro, Argentina, September 15-16, 2009.
IRCEP will promote the ongoing development and recognition of the counselling profession worldwide through the creation of a registry of approved counsellor education programs that use common professional requirements essential to the education and training of counsellors regardless of culture, country, region, work setting, or educational system.
The committee chose to use two Is to spell counsellor in the IRCEP title to reflect the international focus in the endeavor.
The challenges faced by the IRCEP steering committee both in development and implementation were and continue to be no different than those outlined earlier in this article.
An initiative that included representatives from all of the major professional organizations involved in international work would prove beneficial, and the IRCEP steering committee is committed to examining ways in which this might be accomplished.
The IRCEP steering committee continues to explore other creative ways to interact and engage with the global counseling community.