IRCFInternational Reptile Conservation Foundation (San Jose, CA)
IRCFIndie Rock Chess Federation (est. 2008)
IRCFIron Rod & Cap Found
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Target applications for the SubWave IRCF include digital camera modules for cell phones, general consumer electronics digital imaging applications, and security cameras.
The SubWave IRCF implements NanoOpto's proprietary nano-optic design principles to produce a device with high transmission of visible wavelengths, a sharp cut-off at the boundary with the rejection region, high rejection of infrared wavelengths, and a very low edge shift.
The SubWave IRCF ES22 device, targeted to the rapidly growing digital camera module market, is an exciting first entry in NanoOpto's optical filter product family," said Hubert Kostal, NanoOpto's Vice President for Marketing and Sales.