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Kawalit, who is also the Co-director of the Arab Renal Care Group and head of the transplant Institute at Amman Hospital, was awarded the Young Nephrologists Research Award from the IRCG, in a program held as part of the World Congress of Nephrology in Vancouver, Canada.
IRCG is the world's largest non-governmental renal organization that provides international health care accreditation specific for renal and renal related health care services.
IRCG works improve the safety and quality of renal care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations.
Table 1 shows the baseline characteristics of the SG and IRCG groups.
Regarding the HRV analysis in the frequency domain, the SG subjects showed lower values of absolute indexes LF and HF and variance RR compared with the IRCG.
The eight IRCG members were tracking down a suspected car when they
On Dec 19, Brig Gen Hossein Salami of Iran's powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps or IRCG said that Iranian military can hit enemy aircrafts with Iran's supersonic missiles.
Salami also vowed that the IRCG will make the terrorists repent their blind action.
Iran's ballistic missiles, radars and satellites against its enemies are all geared up, according to the deputy commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRCG Hossein Salami.
IRCG operates a fleet of rescue craft ranging in size from nine meter RIBs to 4.
All information must be detailed and specific to commercial/rescue operational use by IRCG personnel.