IRCHSSIrish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences
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These two schemes are approximately those adopted by IRCHSS and PRTLI respectively-- quite a large portion of the funding under PRTLI in Table 3 above provided funds to support graduate students.
All the PRTLI funded students were linked to the Institutes/Centres whereas the IRCHSS students were free to apply to work on any social science topic with any academic supervisor within the Irish system--in effect, at any HEI.
The IRCHSS scheme today resembles the ESRI scheme, (34) which was terminated in 2004, directly in response to the development of the IRCHSS programme.
Scale: IRCHSS has funded at a rate of approximately 10 new students per year whereas the ESRI funded on average 3 students
Funding levels and Costs: IRCHSS funds up to four years of study whereas ESRI typically provided funding for two and at most three years--students typically obtained local funded (e.
Learning Environment: Whereas most ESRI-funded students would have entered taught/structured PhD programmes, IRCHSS students are only now having this opportunity.
This contrasts sharply with the IRCHSS scheme which funded about twice as many sociology students as economics students.
28) The numbers here are not directly comparable--the IRCHSS students are in economics and sociology only whereas the students funded under the other schemes are more widely social science, e.
Arguably, given the developments in Irish universities from the late 1980s it would have made sense for an IRCHSS type programme to be started much earlier and for the ESRI scheme to be terminated at that point.