IRCICAResearch Centre for Islamic History, Art, and Culture (Turkey)
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Pushing data rates over PB/s is major challenge that requires the best of the best," said Nathalie Rolland, IRCICA director.
Ihsanoglu was the director general of IRCICA from 1980 to December 2004.
Editor, The Art of Calligraphy in Islamic Heritage (published in English, Turkish, Arabic, Malay, Japanese); Cultural Contributions in building A Universal Civilisation: Islamic Contributions, IRCICA, Istanbul, 2005; UNESCO: The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture, Vol.
Ihsanoglu, Mathematicians, Astronomers, and Other Scholars of Islamic Civilization and Their Works (Istanbul: IRCICA, 2003) with corrections given in B.
The Secretary General stated this in the opening session of the OIC-UN General Meeting on Cooperation held in Istanbul, Turkey at IRCICA headquarters over the period 29 June to 1 July and co-chaired by UN Undersecretary General for Political Affairs Mr.
Science in Islamic Civilization (Istanbul: IRCICA, 2000), 245-255.
She was later offered space in The Calligraphers' Studios, where she met the popular calligraphy artist Khaled Al Saai, who guided her to the secrets of this art leading her to be honored with a prize from the Sixth Int'l Calligraphy Competition of IRCICA - Istanbul - 2004.
This is the fourth visit by Ihsanoglu to Bosnia and Herzegovina since he took office in 2005, and he is credited for strengthening the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Muslim world and increasing their support for it during his earlier capacity as Director General of IRCICA.
He added that in 2000, when he was director general of IRCICA, he convened the International Symposium on Islamic Civilization in the Volga-Ural Region and that the first symposium was held in Kazan.
His numerous photographic exhibitions include a highly popular exhibit entitled, "Haramain," which was organized by the IRCICA in Istanbul.
We are greeted at the doorway by a smiling IRCICA security official.
Halit Eren, IRCICA Director General handed on certificates to researchers who presented their research papers.