IRCJIndustrial Revitalization Corp of Japan
IRCJIllinois Reading Council Journal (quarterly publication)
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The IRCJ, created in 2003 to help companies burdened with heavy debt, has been involved in the high-profile rehabilitation efforts by such companies as retailer Daiei Inc.
which is reportedly considering offering a helping hand to Daiei on condition the IRCJ participates.
His experience at the IRCJ, in particular, adds a dimension to our ability to advise Sun Capital given its focus on underperforming, turnaround, and special situation investing.
The IRCJ, created in 2003 to help companies burdened with heavy debt, has been involved in the rehabilitation of such companies as major retailer Daiei Inc.
Originally established to help banks weather the Non-Performing Loan (NPL) crisis by taking over and rehabilitating sick companies, the IRCJ in its first nine months has managed to acquire control of only a small
The IRCJ has spent a total of about 1 trillion yen in public funds to help companies recover but has recouped that amount and accumulated the profit through such means as collecting financial claims and selling its stockholdings in the firms at higher prices after radically improving their balance sheets by top-to-bottom restructuring.
Market commentators are saying that since the banks are now forming their own buyout funds, the IRCJ isn't necessary anymore.
The IRCJ has invited bids for the two companies to be made by next Monday.
IRCJ Sets Off Moves by Banks & Buyout Firms that Accelerate Restructuring Process Japan's new Industrial Revitalization Corporation (IRCJ) is moving to revitalize struggling companies that can reorganize themselves in three years.
The IRCJ decision-making panel, the Industrial Revitalization Committee, approved a program to integrate the 13 firms, located in the Iwami district, one of Japan's three major tile production centers, into two entities.
67 percent of outstanding Daiei shares from the IRCJ.
Toyota has shown interest in helping Misawa Homes on condition that the IRCJ is involved in the home builder's rehabilitation.