IRCMInstitut de Recherches Cliniques de Montreal (French: Clinical Research Institute of Montreal; Quebec, Canada)
IRCMInfrared Countermeasures
IRCMIntegrated Relay Control Module (automotive engineering)
IRCMInstitutul Roman de cercetari marine-Constanta
IRCMIndian Railway Commercial Manual (operation standards)
IRCMIncidence Rate of Clinical Mastitis
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Marie Kmita, Director of the Genetics and Development research unit at the IRCM.
Military aircraft also a use variety of transmitters--known as IR countermeasures, or IRCMs to create fields of IR energy designed to confuse shoulder-fired SAMs.
I maintained my IRCM, knowing that it would take a miracle for him to get a valid tone, as he looked down at the desert floor with my jet in idle.
According to Gartner, Leaders are vendors that would normally be included on shortlists for IRCM solutions for large and midsized CSPs worldwide:
A new study by the Montreal research team led by Jennifer Estall at the IRCM indicated that the protein could be a promising early predictor of increased diabetes risk.
Northrop Grumman's IRCM systems are now installed or scheduled for installation on more than 700 military aircraft to protect approximately 50 different types of large fixed-wing transports and rotary-wing platforms from infrared missile attacks.
Based on experience garnered in the field of high performance airborne lasers and electro-optic pointing and stabilisation systems, together with the contribution to Northrop Grumman's AAQ-24(V) Nemesis system family, Selex ES developed a new Dircm build around their Eclipse advanced, lightweight, low-cost Ircm point/tracker, and the Type 160 IRCM laser.
com)-- The report rates solution suites that provide billing, customer care, rating, charging, pricing, partner relationship management, policy management, mediation, self-service, analytics and others, which are referred to as IRCM in the report.
Baiaguer, IRCM, INSERM U896, Pare Euromedecine, 208 rue des Apothicaires, Montpellier, F-34298, France.
Then, it introduced a unified risk management policy and framework that each IRCM would use to evaluate and report on risks.
Ericssons suite of solutions in its IRCM portfolio covers convergent charging, business support, and control systems, with a product catalog for a streamlined approach across all customers and services.