IRCSLInter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone
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The IRCSL provided food, clothing, blankets and sanitary kits to the rebels in the bush.
we are able using as I said the Scriptures, to able to convince him and let him yield to see reason and meet with the government for peaceful negotiations" (2013:2) The IRCSL heads used their authority as spiritual leaders employing religious methods when persuading the rebel leader to make peace.
The IRCSL traveled to the neighbouring country of Liberia to meet with President Charles Taylor, whose presence was necessary in any peace process because he was the biggest supporter of Sierra Leone's rebels (Penfold 2005, 553-554).
Reverend Khanu remembered how US presidential envoy Jesse Jackson was active in pushing the peace negotiations forward: "He called on civil society, the IRCSL, he called on the President and he said we should talk peace, we should forgive.
The RUF invited IRCSL to an informal meeting before negotiations.
The IRCSL helped to introduce the agreement to the general public along with the message of peace and reconciliation.
As IRCSL general secretary Koroma described the restorative justice: "There is a need for justice that will open up additional avenues ...
Looking at the work of IRCSL the notion of forgiveness has a political and social importance and touches upon people's fears and anger.
The IRCSL brought both relief and religious scriptures as Reverend Khanu continues: "We brought Bibles and copies of the Holy Quran we gave to the rebels and we also took bullet shells and made them into crosses.
To be honest we are not part of the IRCSL community in Sierra Leone it is a watering down of Christianity.
A Christian from an African Traditional Religion (ATR) background was happy when IRCSL helped to create better relations with Muslims.
Many children were born in the bush during the war, and IRCSL wanted to do more work at the village level.