IRDOIndividual Replacement Deployment Operations (Indiana)
IRDOInstitutul Roman Pentru Drepturile Omului (Romanian: Romanian Institute for Human Rights; Bucharest, Romania)
IRDOIntegrated Rural Development Organisation (India)
IRDOIleje Rural Development Organisation (Tanzania)
IRDOImpact Research and Development Organization (Kisumu, Kenya)
IRDOIntermediate Retention of Differential Overlap
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The Climate Change System-Introduction ANSTED University, Penang, with SEM Institute for Climate Change, Korte, and IRDO Institute for Development of Social Responsibility, Moribor.
Independent research and development organizations (IRDOs) provide an essential capability to industry and government organizations.
IRDO nursing officer Tindlis Onyango assures that the procedure is safe, if done under the right conditions.
Access drama festival 2014 was the second last segment of 2012-14 session of EAMP and would end with a mega debate before the graduation ceremony scheduled for May end or first week of June wherein the students would receive their certificates from Washington, IRDO head Saqib Awan said.
Independent research and development organizations (IRDOs) have become a valued resource to government and industrial R&D organizations alike.
It is also based on nine conferences STIQE (linking systems thinking, innovation, quality, entrepreneurship and environmental care) under co-chairs Professor Dr Miroslav Rebernik and Professor Dr Matjaz Mulej, as well as on the three conferences on social responsibility chaired by the latter and Mrs Anita Hrast, establisher and manager of the IRDO (Institute for Development of Social Responsibility, Maribor, Slovenia).
% Respondents Other companies 60% Academia 49% Suppliers 41% IRDO 33% Government labs 14% Other 8% Managers outsource their research to organizations they are familiar with or who they know to be qualified.
To address these changes and their effect on future R&D activities, a roundtable meeting of independent R&D organization (IRDO) executives was convened by the editors of R&D Magazine on Oct.
The scarcest resource for IRDO clients is skilled people for technology jobs.