IRECInterstate Renewable Energy Council
IRECIglesia Restauracion en Cristo (Spanish: Restoration in Christ Church)
IRECInland Revenue Enquiry Centre (UK)
IRECIncrease and Replacement of Emergency Construction (US Navy)
IRECInternet Real Estate Consulting (Hungary)
IRECInterim Ricebird Embedded Crypto
IRECInstitut de Recherche Etudes Culturelles (Culturel Studies Research Centre)
IRECIonizing Radiation Effects Compatibility
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The IREC interconnection and net metering models along
Abu Dhabi's commitment to encouraging the growth of renewable energy around the world makes it the ideal host for IREC in 2013," said Mohamed Al Ashry, chairman of REN21.
To help meet that demand, ONTILITY Solar Training is expanding the number of cities and states where the IREC accredited professional solar training courses are offered.
The IREC model stresses the relationships between these three components and their impact on the two principal processes underlying the online reading comprehension process, namely the surfing and comprehension activities.
ADIREC will be the fifth in the series of the ministerial level IREC conferences that carry on the mission of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, which is to bolster, coordinate and accelerate political momentum to foster renewable energy growth.
Disclosure program information comes directly from the IREC database.
IREC is a nonprofit organization celebrating its 28th anniversary.
The IREC revealed serious flaws in the conduct of Kenya's elections.
The IREC states, "the recorded and reported results are so inaccurate as to render any reasonably accurate, reliable and convincing conclusion impossible.
9) El debate en torno al significado y al complejo encaje de las relaciones laborales sectoriales euro as constituyo, de hecho, una de las cuestiones de mayor interes dentro la reciente conferencia anual de la IREC (Industrial Relations in Europe), celebrada en agosto de 2006 en Ljubljana (Eslovenia).
A sponsor of the "Schools Going Solar" program, IREC hosts a database listing schools that have installed solar electric systems.
Other valuable input was received from participants in two seminars at which previous versions of this paper were presented: the MAPS Seminar, Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, Cleveland, April 9, 1999, and the Conference IREC 1999, Aix-en-Provence, May 20-22, 1999.