IREDIInfiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative
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The IREDI concept creates a distinctive Infiniti branded retail environment which provides a welcoming and hospita- ble environment for buying and servicing vehicles, primarily in fashionable, convenient metropolitan locations.
The concept of IREDI establis-hes a unique, new exterior and interior look of the sales and service facility which aligns perfectly with Infiniti's brand identity -- one that encompasses Infiniti's dynamic vehicle line-up and its Total Ownership Experience customer care philosophy.
The IREDI concept includes two aspects, the first being a dynamic exterior which gives visitors a sense of warmth.
The new IREDI program creates a highly distinctive, original Infiniti branded retail environment that can be applied to both new and existing Infiniti stores," said Igo.
A key aspect of the IREDI program is its "flexibility within a framework," which takes into consideration the various situations faced by Infiniti retailers regarding geographical differences, business practices, local government and now international governments and cultures.
The IREDI program puts a great new iconic 'face' on our retail outlets while remaining adaptable to individual dealer needs.
The IREDI program also includes a new signage initiative, including an Infiniti brand pylon and monument, dealer name letters and brand symbol on the building and exterior directional signs.
The goals of the IREDI program include improved dealer sales, improved retail capacity, enhanced application of the Infiniti Total Ownership Experience philosophy and improved customer loyalty," said Igo.
The IREDI program supports the recent announcement that the Infiniti brand will be launched in South Korea, China and Russia within the next three years.