IREDIInfiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative
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The IREDI concept creates a distinctive Infiniti branded retail environment which provides a welcoming and hospita- ble environment for buying and servicing vehicles, primarily in fashionable, convenient metropolitan locations.
The concept of IREDI establis-hes a unique, new exterior and interior look of the sales and service facility which aligns perfectly with Infiniti's brand identity -- one that encompasses Infiniti's dynamic vehicle line-up and its Total Ownership Experience customer care philosophy.
An exterior view of the new Infiniti IREDI showroom on Salwa Road
The IREDI concept includes two aspects, the first being a dynamic exterior which gives visitors a sense of warmth.
Suhail Bahwan Automotive (SBA) unveiled the new 2012 Infiniti FX range last week at the Infiniti IREDI showroom in Qurm.
Speaking at the inaugural function, Colin Dodge pointed out that Infiniti has created a comprehensive global standard for new dealership facilities called 'IREDI' which comprehensively captures the spirit of exclusivity.
The over 14,000 square foot showroom will be built to Infiniti's 'IREDI' (Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative) standard which focuses greatly on customer service.
All facilities will comply with the quality standards of Infiniti and the brand's global Centre identity, the Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative (IREDI), and its Lobby-Lounge-Gallery concept.
The Nigeria Prize for Literature has since 2004 rewarded eminent writers such as Ikeogu Oke (The Heresiad); Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (Season of Crimson Blossoms); Sam Ukala (Iredi War); Tade Ipadeola (Sahara Testaments); Chika Unigwe ( On Black Sister's Street) as well as Adeleke Adeyemi (The Missing clock).
The over 14,000 sq ft showroom will be built to Infiniti's 'Iredi' (Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative) standard which places a high degree of focus on customer service, Ayat said.
Infiniti's innovative concept of the lobby-lounge-gallery which is applied to its exclusive IREDI showrooms has been further incorporated into the design of adeyaka.