IREEInitiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment (est. 2003; University of Minnesota)
IREEInstitute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (Russia and Czech Republic)
IREEInternational Research and Education in Engineering (est. 2006; US NSF)
IREEInternational Review of Electrical Engineering (journal)
IREEInstitute for Research on Environment and Economy (University of Ottawa, Canada)
IREEInternational Review of Education (journal)
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Like the sold-out work of Iree Brillantes' Glassy Shore that took the fragility of the Little Mermaid into a heartful soul with broken dreams still holding on to her child like innocence.
6.--[[delta].sup.18] / [[delta].sup.18]C relationship in annual iree rings of sparse and dense stands of P.
Retrofits created by a credentialed project developer and verified by a credentialed assurance provider receive the IREE designation.
--Silicate-rich from S4 site basal levels have the highest IREE concentrations (177.31-184.32 ppm) and exhibit chondrite-normalized REE patterns enriched in LREE and depleted in Eu.
The accelerometer has a 10-32 microdot top connector, is eligible to bear the CE Mark and is IREE P1451.4 TEDS capable.
25-27: Iree -- International Railway Equipment Exhibition, Pragati Maidan, Delhi, India
Wan Ahmad, "Evaluation of electromagnetic fields due to lightning channel with respect to the striking angle," International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE), Vol.
Bansal, who inaugurated a two- day 'International Seminar' on "High Speed Trains in India-Issues and Options" being organised by Institute of Railway Electrical Engineers (IREE) here, said 'it is necessary to keep pace with the latest developments taking place world- over in Railway sector and technology'.
In the fast-paced musical, young Virginia (Emily Lymath) and her friend Ollie (Matthew Dyemartin) face the derision of Charlotte (Iree Holden), who mocks them for still believing in Santa Claus, prompting Virginia's letter to the newspaper.
EMD will participate in IREE in Delhi, with its theme: IR - Moving into the Next Orbit, which collaborates well with the spirit and philosophy of EMD.
Coal had a huge part to play in the North-east's industrial heritage and in Room 1 of the gallery, Camplin has used the substance to create a work that also includes sheets of corrugated steel and two giant female heads named Irene Iree and Feral Cheryl.