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Once all the aforementioned measurements were performed, the mean values were entered in software IREQ 2008, version 4.2, described in ISO 11079 Appendix F, to calculate the minimum required basic clothing insulation which include estimates of the effects of air penetration into clothing and of the activity performed, thus resulting in a more accurate measurement of the effective clothing insulation.
MILES was developed by Hydro-Quebec's industry-leading research institute, IREQ, and has been used by the utility for several years with great success.
To measure this classification criterion the Internet-Related Experiences Questionnaire - IREQ (Beranuy et al., 2009) was used, in which a cut-off score of greater than or equal to 34 is considered an indication of PIU.
A spokesman for the Hizbullah Brigades of Ireq, Ja'far al-Husseini, said his forces had cut the main supply line to the ISIS terrorists.
Calculation of clothing insulation by serial and parallel methods: Effects on clothing choice by IREQ and thermal responses in the cold.
A source node broadcasts an information request (IREQ) packet to its neighbor nodes.
The participating companies from the Canadian delegation were Alpha Technologies, Ballard Power, Canadian Solar, Fugesco, Idenergie, IREQ, Montreal Nuclear Services, New Dawn Energy Solutions, NuWorld, OPAL-RT Technologies, Simon Fraser University, Vizimax, Windular Research and Technologies Inc etc.
Its research institute, IREQ, conducts research and development work in energy-related fields, including energy efficiency and energy storage.
The field mill has been used extensively at IREQ and JPL, while the vibrating electrodes field meter has been successfully used at BPA and HVTRC [8-10].
Cold exposure and rewarming times according to DIN 33403.5 Cold Air Maximum Recommended Recommended classification temperature time of rewarming rewarming [[degrees]C] continuous time in % of time [min.] cold cold exposure exposure [min.] time [%] 1 "cool" + 15 to +10 150 5 10 2 "moderate <+10 to 150 5 10 cold" -5 3 "cold" <-5 to 90 20 15 -18 4 "very cold" < -18 to 90 30 30 -30 5 "extreme < -30 60 100 60 cold" The insulation recommended was calculated according to ISO 11079 using the software of NILSSON and HOLMER (IREQ minimal and IREQ neutral) (7).
Milanovic (University of Manchester, UK); Jose Romero Gordon (Endesa, Spain); Bill Brumsickle (Soft Switching, USA); Gaetan Ethier (Hydro Quebec, Canada); Francisc Zavoda (IREQ, Canada); Kurt Stockman (Ghent University, Belgium).