IRESAInstitution de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Superieur Agricoles (Tunisia)
IRESAIosco Regional Educational Service Agency (Michigan)
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switch SIX OF THE BEST FIXED-RATE TARIFFS IRESA - Flex4 12-month Fixed Direct Debit - Average cost PS834 ECONOMY ENERGY - Online Saver - Average cost PS843 ONESELECT - Secure 1 Year Fixed - Average cost PS850 TONIK - Positively Renewable - Average cost PS854 BREEZE ENERGY - Fixed 1 Year V1 - Average cost PS855 AVRO ENERGY - Simple and Value - Average cost PS857 Source: Energyhelpline.
The cheapest fixed rate deal is the IRESA Flex 12 month fix at an average PS744, followed by GnERGY's fixed to December 2017 at PS763, Avro Energy's Simple and Select at PS770 and Affect Energy's Fixed Saver October 2017 at PS778.