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IRF8Interferon Regulatory Factor 8
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Using its gene control platform, Syros identified subsets of AML and MDS patients with a highly specialized regulatory region of DNA, known as a super-enhancer, associated with either the RARA or IRF8 gene, or both.
Genetic determinants of susceptibility to Mycobacterial infections: IRF8, a new kid on the block.
These findings suggest that a transcriptional axis from IRF8 to IRF5 contributes to the tactile allodynia of neuropathic pain by the activation of spinal microglia with P2X4R overexpression after PNI (Fig.
Selected Markers Associated With Prognosis in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Marker Source, y Thymidine phosphorylase Nie et al, (6) 2013 TNF-[alpha] Nakayama et al, (8) 2014 CIP2A Lilja et al, (7) 2013 Cyclin E Frei et al, (5) 2013 MET Koh et al, (9) 2013 RON Koh et al, (9) 2013 PD1-L1 Chen et al, (15) 2013 DcR3 Bedewy et al, (10) 2013 IL9R Lv et al, (14) 2013 IRF8 Tinguely et al, (13) 2014 MYD88 Choi et al, (11) 2013 MCL1 Wenzel et al, (12) 2013 MLL2 Morin et al, (16) 201 1 PI3K Cui et al, (17) 2014 AKT Cui et al, (17) 2014 p105/p50 Montes-Moreno et al, (18) 2012 p100/p52 Montes-Moreno et al, (18) 2012 Table 6.
8E-9 CACNB1, ALPL, CDH1, ITGA3, SERPINB10, TAF4B, ABCB10, IRF8 Cell proliferation ATF3, MK167, S100A6, FTH1, DHCR7 2.
They also showed that vitamin D had a significant effect on the activity of 229 genes including IRF8, previously associated with MS, and PTPN2, associated with Crohn's disease and type 1 diabetes.
The biomarker test being used to screen patients for the clinical trial is a qPCR-based clinical assay measuring RARA and IRF8 mRNA expression with a turnaround time of less than three days on average.