IRFAQInstitut de Recherche Appliquée à la Formulation, l'Analyse et la Qualitique (Institute for Research on Formulation, Analysis and Quality Control)
IRFAQInstitut de Recherche Appliquée a la Formulation, l'Analyse et la Qualitique (French: Institute of Applied Research on Formulation, Analysis and Quality)
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Parental selection and development of six populations: Parental genotypes with contrast in grain filling duration were selected for crossing through cluster analysis of 45 bread wheat genotypes (Table 1) for 10 phenological traits with further ratification by genotyping of the same germplasm (Irfaq et al.
Seeds were sown at 2.5 cm depth at the rate of 2 seed per hill which were later on thinned to single healthy seedling per hill after germination (Irfaq et al.
Resistance and susceptible transgressive segregates have also been observed for stripe rust in F2 population (Irfaq et al.
The confounding environmental effect when determining disease resistance should not be disregarded when evaluating quantitative disease resistance in plant breeding programs (IRFAQ et al., 2009), which can be attenuated by maintaining and evaluating germplasm in distinct locations and historical series of the detailed epidemic data (CHERIF et al., 2010).
Muhammad Irfaq Khan, Senior Scientist, Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture, Peshawar, Dr.