IRFIIslamic Research Foundation International (Louisville, KY)
IRFIInternational Runway Friction Index (aircraft braking predictor)
IRFIInternational Review of Finance
IRFIIstituto Romano Formazione Imprenditoriale (Italian: Roman Entrepreneurial Training Institute; Rome, Italy)
IRFIIllinois Recreation Facilities Inventory (Illinois Department of Natural Resources)
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Inhibition of nuclear factor-kB activation by IRFI 042 protects against endotoxin-induced shock.
US operations planners, no doubt aware of the presence of the Stinger, will likely keep this deck of operations for any sorties over Afghanistan, as the aforementioned aircraft possess, at best, only flares to defend against the IR threat (although they are relatively well-protected against radar-frequency IRFI missiles).
Inconsistencies in Erosivity between RP and RF For all Data Where also both IRPI and IRFI > 10% Model Scenario 40 Yr Time 80 Yr Time 40 Yr Time Interval Interval Interval (%) (%) (%) HadCM3 17.