IRFPAInfrared Focal Plane Array
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Four types of target seeker with IRFPA are shown in figure (4, 5, 6 and 7).
Laser source with optical setup Figure (1) for laser sheet formation and IRFPA experimental seeker assembly in figure (2) and internal scanning mechanism in third generation advanced anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).
Hughes SBRC is a world leader in IRFPA design and manufacturing, and our companies have formed an excellent working relationship during the past two years on a smaller program to improve IRFPA manufacturing.
The thrust of the Hughes team effort is to leverage the technology of Hughes SBRC, Perceptronics and others in the arena of factory management and IRFPA fabrication in order to create a complete, highly automated enterprise.
According to Lu, current IRFPAs use external polarizers based on a motorized mechanical turning mechanism.
The other project, for which award selection was just made, entails creating a set of analytical, knowledge-based models and simulations that will apply concurrent design methods to the development of new IRFPAs and electro-optical systems.