IRFSInstitute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety
IRFSIngersoll-Rand Financial Services
IRFSIndependent Review of the Fire Service (est. 2002; UK)
IRFSInformation Retrieval Facility Symposium
IRFSInternational Retail Financial Services
IRFSInstitute of Retail & Fashion Studies (Mumbai, India)
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The IRFS also called on the President Abdullah GE-l to veto a bill to change Turkey's Internet law that they say violates the Constitution as well as international conventions that Turkey has signed.
Mas, com o IRFS, as empresas brasileiras podem, oportunamente, agora comunicar informacoes sem efeitos de fluxo de caixa, o que antes resultaria maiores custos fiscais.
IRFS technology saves money and time by eliminating the need to run expensive, labor-intensive wiring.
IRFS also believes that the prosecution of Gashimli can be connected
The move to IRFS began in Canada several years ago with the adoption by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) of fair value accounting for financial instruments.
Our first IRFS conference last September was a big success for FEI in several ways, and it underscored our involvement in and commitment to work on this emerging area.
The message was drawn up on the initiative of the Club of Human Rights, IRFS, and Media Center.
Dixy is due to announce its 1H11 IRFS financials today.
and Sberbank will release their 1H11 IFRS results today, while Gazprom will issue its 1Q11 IRFS results.
Definitions of each measure are provided on pages 26 and 27 of Management's Discussion and Analysis with reconciliation to IRFS measures provided on page 27.
IRFS also calls for compliance with the obligations and standards, as reflected in the European Convention of Human Rights,