IRGCIranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
IRGCIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran)
IRGCIowa Racing and Gaming Commission
IRGCInternational Risk Governance Council
IRGCInternational Research Group on Charophytes (est. 1989)
IRGCInternational Rice Germplasm Center
IRGCISPAN (Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network) Requirements Governing Council (US DoD)
IRGCInter-Realm Gaming Consortium (Hyperchat)
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However, deeper analysis of the move, bearing in mind the consequences and related events, reveals that the IRGC, and subsequently the Iranian regime, will face painful repercussions in the medium term.
9, the IRGC said that has targeted bases of a "filthy and criminal group," when the party leaders sat for a meeting and a "terrorist training center" with seven short range surface-to-surface missiles.
The IRGC is providing the Houthi rebels with anti-ship and explosive boats that have been used to hit Saudi and Emirati vessels and threaten ours in a bid to control the strategic Bab al Mandeb Strait.
Rabbani and his IRGC attaches are exploiting the economic crisis in Latin America to expand Safawi extremism and extract cash from rich Lebanese Shi'ites through Hizbullah.
Yet both Qassemi and KuA had already been under US and EU sanctions, with the IRGC itself having been under UNSC penalties earlier on in the confrontation between Iran and the West over Tehran's nuclear programme.
Gradually, from then on, the IRGC marginalised both Qom and Najaf and quickly built up its military/business complex with the help of its puppet Ahmadi-Nejad.
The move is significant due to the fact that the IRGC is the backbone of the Islamic Republic and it is the main tool for the clerical establishment to maintain power, achieve Tehran's hegemonic ambitions, increase its influence in the region and export its revolutionary ideals.
McMaster has more than hinted at this, while a number of Republican policymakers, among them Senator Tom Cotton, have evoked the designation of the IRGC as a "terrorist organization."
The IRGC carried put the latest rocket tests in October and November 2015 in a way which defied the Western powers' major naval presence in the Gulf region.
In his will, Imam Khomeini demanded that the military stay out of politics, and now senior IRGC officials have been careful to defend themselves against accusations of political meddling after the June 12 election.
Several members of an anti-revolutionary terrorist group were killed and wounded in the town of Sarvabad in Kurdistan province, and a sizable amount of their weapons and ammunition was destroyed, said the Public Relations Department of the IRGC unit responsible for the security of Western borders.