IRGCIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran)
IRGCIowa Racing and Gaming Commission
IRGCInternational Risk Governance Council
IRGCInternational Research Group on Charophytes (est. 1989)
IRGCInternational Rice Germplasm Center
IRGCInter-Realm Gaming Consortium (Hyperchat)
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These figures suggest that IRGC casualties extend well beyond the QF.
The IRGC forces were killed in the battle against the Takfiri terrorists.
Reportedly, there are about 12 major banks and financial institutions known to be directly and indirectly linked to the IRGC and the armed forces.
It was during Khatami's 1997-05 tenure that the IRGC grew in all directions to become the most powerful entity among the Safawi extremist camp, under the command of Supreme Leader Khamenei - who, among many other things, is the supreme head of all the armed forces in Iran.
It is claimed the IRGC is helping Assad's regime also to produce "dirty atomic bombs".
Suleimani joined the IRGC after the fall of the Pahlavi monarchy to Khomeini in 1979.
The Extremist Safawi Daily Kayhan Reports That Nearly All The US Demands Had Already Been Met Since Rowhani Took Over And The Suspect' IRGC Facilities Had Suspended Their Operations
On October 2, The IRGC conducted three-day massive missile wargames, codenamed Payambar-e Azam 7 (The Great Prophet 7), during which it conducted heavy missile tests in various sites across the country.
We will continue to target the Iranian regime and specifically the IRGC as it attempts to continue its nefarious infiltration of the Iranian economy, said Adam Szubin, Director of Treasury s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
Commander of IRGC Ground Forces; Rostam Qasemi, Commander of Khatam Al-Anbiya;
Since its formation in 1979, the year of Iran's Revolution, the IRGC has been a major political, social, and economic force within the Islamic Republic.
The model was built in real size and came under attack and was destroyed by missiles and rockets fired from tens of IRGC speedboats.