IRGCNIranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy
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On August 23-24, several IRGCN speedboats aggressively approached American warships as the latter were reportedly transiting international waters in or approaching the Strait of Hormuz in accordance with maritime law.
These events are only the latest example of provocative encounters between American and Iranian naval forces in the Persian Gulf--especially by the IRGCN, which is much more prone to such behavior than Iran's regular navy.
The IRGCN tactics and command-and-control abilities to execute
boats effectively, other than in staged exercises, and the IRGCN
Such crafts can reach top speeds of 60-70 knots, giving "the IRGCN some of the fastest naval vessels in the Persian Gulf," the study said.
The IRGCN and IRIN have opened new bases as part of the restructuring programme, the study said.
The majority of exercises conducted by the IRGCN and IRIN showcase the two organizations' claimed ability to control the Persian Gulf and to close the Strait of Hormuz --the latter being a core pillar of Iran's deterrent.
"Americans have always been the ultimate and full-scale losers in all their encounters with the IRGCN, and the most notable cases of their defeats were on April 14, 1988, and January 12, 2016 before their drone was shot down on June 20," the senior commander added.
Early in last month, the IRGCN seized a foreign ship smuggling fuel in the Persian Gulf, according to a statement by the public relations office of the IRGC Navy's first zone.