IRGCSIntra-Regional Grid Cross Subsidy (electricity; Philippines)
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Yet at the height of Iran's June 2009 popular protests after the polls - instigated by the reformists because of the "re-election of IRGC's puppet Ahmadi-Nejad", Rafsanjani told the televised weekly Friday mosque prayers at Tehran University that the late Ayatullah Khomeini had declared the Islamic Republic shortly after the early 1979 Pahlavi monarchy's fall only to re-assure the nation's public that the rule belonged to the Iranian people.
That drama, featuring the theocracy's un-precedented violence against popular protests in the Iranian streets, was further proof for the Iranian people that the reformists were no match to the power of the IRGC. More importantly to the mis-fortune of the reformists, it proved to the Iranians that the IRGC had become their worst enemy and that the Safawi extremists had won.
For Iranian people, therefore, capitulation to the IRGC was their only option for survival - i.e., personal security.