IRGOInternational Research Group on Ostracoda
IRGOInstitut de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (French: Research Institute of Organizational Management; Montesquieu University)
IRGOInternet Research Group of Otago (New Zealand)
IRGOIsocentric Reciprocal Gait Orthosis
IRGOImprov Repository of Goings (improvisation resource; Washington, DC)
IRGOInterministerial Retiree Group of Ottawa (Canada; est. 2007)
IRGOInternational Responsible Gaming Organization
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open] than walking with the IRGO only or with [HNP.
03) lower when using the VCHM instead of the IRGO in the hybrid configuration.
This suggests that the VCHM provided a degree of reciprocal coupling intermediate to the continuous 1:1 ratio of the IRGO and the uncoupled FNS only, which usually contains exaggerated movements during short walks [30].
open] was significantly longer than walking with the IRGO only (p < 0.
Similarly, even though the weight of the HNP was more than twice the weight of IRGO, the walking speed was considerably faster with HNP than with IRGO with reciprocal coupling.
Second, the rule-based modulation of the VCHM allowed for improved hip flexion relative to walking with an IRGO that had a fixed 1:1 hip coupling ratio, resulting in faster gait speeds.
However, the inability of the VCHM to maintain posture comparable with the IRGO only or [HNP.
The upper-limb forces were significantly reduced with VCHM as compared with walking with IRGO or FNS only even with the weight of the exoskeleton.
Abbreviations: FNS = functional neuromuscular stimulation, FSR = force sensitive resistor, HNP = hybrid neuroprosthesis, IRGO = isocentric reciprocating gait orthosis, PW = pulse width, RGO = reciprocating gait orthosis, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCKM = stance-control knee mechanism, THKAFO = trunk-hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, UECU = universal external control unit, VCHM = variable-constraint hip mechanism.
RGO Walking Aid 1 IRGO Parallel bars 2 IRGO Crutches 3 ARGO Anterior walker 4 IRGO Crutches 5 IRGO Reverse walker * Reported by subject.