IRGOInternational Research Group on Ostracoda
IRGOInstitut de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (French: Research Institute of Organizational Management; Montesquieu University)
IRGOInternet Research Group of Otago (New Zealand)
IRGOIsocentric Reciprocal Gait Orthosis
IRGOImprov Repository of Goings (improvisation resource; Washington, DC)
IRGOInterministerial Retiree Group of Ottawa (Canada; est. 2007)
IRGOInternational Responsible Gaming Organization
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When they went to pick up Irgo from United's cargo facility, they instead found a Great Dane.
According to Kara Swindle, the Great Dane was supposed to go to Japan and its kennel got mixed up with Irgo's.
Irgo eventually made it to Japan and will be shipped back to Kansas City after visiting with a veterinarian.
Ms Swindle, who adopted Irgo when he was four, told CNN: "They had no idea where the dog was.
They didn't know (where Irgo was) until 2.30am on Wednesday when the plane landed in Japan."
The devastated owner said first-time flier Irgo had no food or water on the 16-hour flight to Japan and had not been given medication for an ear infection for three days.
The following hypotheses were tested as part of this study: (1) the VCHM can maintain upright walking posture comparable with the IRGO; (2) walking with an HNP incorporating the VCHM requires less upper-limb support than IRGO-only and FNS-only systems; (3) the VCHM allows the FNS to improve hip flexion during swing, with step length comparable with FNS-only gait; and (4) a rule-based feedback FNS controller in combination with the VCHM improves hip dynamics and gait speed.
The exoskeleton weighing 22.2 kg was a modified IRGO where the reciprocating bar was replaced with the VCHM and the drop-lock knee joints were replaced with a pair of prototype hydraulic stance-control knee mechanisms (SCKMs) [19-20].
For all experimental cases, upper-limb forces were normalized to the participant's body weight in order to determine the reduction of the upper-limb effort regardless of the weight of the device (the IRGO and SCKM weighed 11 kg while the VCHM and SCKM weighed 22 kg).
Abbreviations: AFO = ankle-foot orthosis, FNS = functional neuromuscular stimulation, FSKC = finite state knee controller, FSR = force sensitive resistor, HNP = hybrid neuroprosthesis, IRGO = isocentric reciprocal gait orthosis, KAFO = knee-anklefoot orthosis, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCKM = stance control knee mechanism, UECU = Universal External Control Unit.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, COM = center of mass, GRF = ground reaction force, HGO = hip guidance orthosis, HKAFO = hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, IRGO = isocentric reciprocating gait orthosis, RGO = reciprocating gait orthosis, ROM = range of motion, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VACMARL = VA Chicago Motion Analysis Research Laboratory.
RGO Walking Aid 1 IRGO Parallel bars 2 IRGO Crutches 3 ARGO Anterior walker 4 IRGO Crutches 5 IRGO Reverse walker * Reported by subject.