IRGPIntramural Research Grant Program
IRGPInfrared Guided Projectile
IRGPIridescent Red Gloss Precoat (inkjet printing)
IRGPInterior Routing Gateway Protocol (computing)
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The ARGP and IRGP are easily identified and stimulated under endoscopic visualization (Figure 2).
Epicardial mapping and testing of ganglionated plexi is performed by high frequency stimulation (with the following parameters: 20Hz, 2 ms, 20 mA, using a programmable cardiac stimulator) in the following sequence: ARGP, IRGP and finally, LSGP.
Structures of left atrial posterior wall: ARGP--anterior right ganglionated plexus, CS--coronary sinus, IRGP inferior right ganglionated plexus, ILGP--inferior left ganglionated plexus, IVC--inferior vein cava, LSPV left superior pulmonaty vein, LIPV--left inferior pulmonary vein, RSPV--right superior pulmonary vein, RIPV--right inferior pulmonary vein, SLGP--superior left ganglionated plexus; modified after [3].