IRHDInternational Rubber Hardness Degree
IRHDInactive Rheumatic Heart Disease
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Changes in the samples of the qualities of physical-- mechanical properties following a 12 month attack of MERO--Jet A--1 mixture Solution Sample content Hardness, Elongation, Strength, MERO/Jet IRHD % kPa A-1, wt.
On the other hand, IRHD hardness also increased with the organoclay addition (Fig.
Hardness IRHD (HS); normal at standard laboratory temperature (SLT) (DIN 53505).
25 Hardness IRHD 74 Hardness durometer A 3s 74 Tensile strength at break (MPa) 14.
The third series of the company's IRHD hardness tester line is said to have more convenient and user-friendly operation.
The DigiTest II electronic control unit can be combined with a large variety of test heads that measure durometer, IRHD and VLRH (soft and very soft elastomers).
This configuration is commonly used for measurement of all rubber materials with a hardness of 35 IRHD or below.
This company's automatic motorized durometer, the DigiTest, has been further developed and redesigned to meet the latest challenges for hardness measurement in the durometer, IRHD and VLRH scales.