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IRHSIronwood Ridge High School (Oro Valley, Arizona)
IRHSIndian River High School (Delaware and Virginia)
IRHSIndoor Residual House Spraying
IRHSInternational Road Haulage Survey (UK)
IRHSIndian Rivers Humane Society (Aylett, VA)
IRHSIron Range Historical Society (est. 1973; Gilbert, MN)
IRHSInternational Reproductive Health Survey
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Numero, porcentaje, IRHS de los pozos por distrito Valle Ica--Villacuri 2008-2009 Distrito No.
is a development-stage pharmaceutical company based in San Diego, California, working to become the world leader in the development of a new class of investigational drugs known as Immune Regulating Hormones (IRHs).
We investigated the degree of absolute homelessness of newcomers through a survey of homeless shelters; we investigated relative homelessness through an analysis of the housing trajectories (retrospective) of successful refugee claimants (SRCs); and we investigated both relative and absolute homelessness using a survey of immigrants that asked them to itemize the level of in-group support that they were either providing or receiving (we refer to this part of our study as the Immigrant and Refugee Housing Survey, or IRHS).