IRIAFInstitut des Risques Industriels Assurantiels et Financiers (French: Institute of Industrial Risk Insurance and Financial)
IRIAFIslamic Republic of Iran Air Force
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IRIAF Tomcats scored the F-14's first kills a full year before the U.
The equally large and powerful MiG-25--some flown by Soviet instructor pilots--had to rely on its eye-watering speed to disengage from a flight of IRIAF Tomcats.
Presently, the fighter jet is at the disposal of IRIAF and is patrolling the Iranian skies.
An Iranian built jet fighter, Sa eqeh is a joint product of the IRIAF and the defense ministry, and is the second generation of the Azarakhsh fighter.
The military commander added that the IRIAF would hold different maneuvers during the present year in which began on March 20 to display its potentials.
He noted that IRIAF is equipped with advanced equipment and systems.
The IRIAF Academy has been completely institutionalized, and enjoys the necessary infrastructures for training the pilots of the other regional countries," Nasirzadeh pointed out.
Various tidbits include a brief account of an IRIAF Cobra pilot's involvement in a search and rescue effort, disclosure of French-trained mercenaries flying MiGs for the Iraqis, and occasional mention of other types such as the F-14.
IRIAF Deputy Commander for Coordination Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh announced in April that the country is planning to create a new generation of the Saeqeh fighter jets with enhanced radar systems and smart munitions.
Different types of IRIAF fighter jets and fighter bombers took part in the air show staged over the mausoleum of the Founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini, South of the capital Tehran.