IRIAFInstitut des Risques Industriels Assurantiels et Financiers (French: Institute of Industrial Risk Insurance and Financial)
IRIAFIslamic Republic of Iran Air Force
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The equally large and powerful MiG-25--some flown by Soviet instructor pilots--had to rely on its eye-watering speed to disengage from a flight of IRIAF Tomcats.
IRIAF Tomcats scored the F-14's first kills a full year before the U.
The IRIAF reportedly took the opportunity to lobby Khamenei on revitalizing the air force, and for a while it appeared to secure its future by plucking some money away from the IRGC's missile projects.
This makes a foreign purchase the only viable option for a major IRIAF upgrade in the foreseeable future.
He noted that IRIAF is equipped with advanced equipment and systems.
A list of IRIAF losses would have been helpful, but overall this book is a real treat for F-4 enthusiasts and a good value for the money.
Presently, the fighter jet is at the disposal of IRIAF and is patrolling the Iranian skies.
The military commander added that the IRIAF would hold different maneuvers during the present year in which began on March 20 to display its potentials.
God willing, we will have joint maneuvers next year in a bid to enhance the defensive and military capabilities of pilots and jet fighters and increase coordination and harmony with other Armed Forces," IRIAF Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh said.
The IRIAF started two-day massive air drills over the county's Southern waters on Friday.
The Iranian Air Force IRIAF started two-day massive air drills codenamed Fadaeeyan-e Harim-e Vellayat IV over the county's Southern waters on Friday.
The two-day exercises are the main and second phase of large-scale drills codenamed Fadaeeyan-e Harim-e Vellayat IV, Deputy IRIAF Commander Brigadier General Alireza Barkhor told reporters on Thursday.