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IRIANIkut Republik Indonesia Anti-Nederland (Join the Republic of Indonesia Anti-Netherlands)
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The aim of this study was to identify undetermined materials of the family collected from Papua New Guinea since 1975 and that are preserved in the National Museum of Natural History (USNM), USA, and those from Irian Jaya of Indonesia in 2005 that are in the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMAN), the Netherlands.
Under the decision, Central Irian Jaya Province, which had not been officially established, could not be set up.
Indeed, this tendency towards duality would later characterise his understanding of the options available to him in his conduct of foreign policy towards Indonesia in the face of two crucial developments--the outbreak of regional rebellions in Sumatra and Sulawesi, and later the West Irian crisis.
The two Boeing 767 aircraft - carrying a total of 268 people - were reportedly on a collision course off the coast of Irian Jaya, west of Papua New Guinea.
A collision was averted after inboard safety equipment warned the crew of an Air New Zealand plane that a Qantas jet was climbing into their air space off the coast of Irian Jay a west of Papua New Guinea.
Thereafter, she traveled to Kazakhstan, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), and the Philippines (1995 to 1996).
In the Indonesian island village of Langda, located on Irian Jaya near its border with Papua New Guinea, a half-dozen men sit in an open space, chipping fragments out of rocks.
West Papua or, as the Indonesians would prefer, Irian Jaya, is a long way from everywhere, and most people are happy to keep it that way.