IRICInstitute for Research on Intercultural Cooperation (est. 1980; Netherlands)
IRICImpuesto a las Rentas de la Industria y Comercio (Spanish: Income Tax of Industry and Trade)
IRICInstitute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (Montreal, Quebec)
IRICInternational Relations Institute of Cameroon (Yaounde, Cameroon)
IRICInternment Resettlement Information Center
IRICIncident Reporting and Investigation Centre
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IRIC director-general Kin Phea said that over 'the last few decades, Asean has been perceived as a reliable security shield as well as the catalyst for regional economic prosperity and dynamism'.
In iRIC Nays2DH, a nonlinear k-[epsilon] model is used to predict the turbulent flow field by capturing the anisotropic turbulence.
Despite the ongoing progress, there is still a stubborn perception in the retirement planning marketplace that "portability is an obstacle to offering lifetime income products, due to both its importance and the widely held view that portability options do not exist or are not feasible," the IRIC observes.
"We want to know what was done at the time the incidents of overheating were reported and what will be done in the future if such events come to the attention of the IRIC and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency."
As for [degrees]iririci-, the context suggests a reduplicated formation of the root iric (raek) 'leave behind, abandon' ([right arrow](pre-)PIIr.
IRIC is supported in part by the Canadian Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research; the Canada Foundation for Innovation; and the Fonds de Recherche en Sante du Quebec.
Simes, Iric (2003) Fiscal Policy Rules in Australia.
IRIC a non-profit think tank for the institutional retirement industry based in Iselin, N.J., discloses in the brief that it also believes that for individuals to outlive their retirement funds, they need to treat their retirement plan account balances as a source of monthly income rather than as personal wealth.
Sydney, Jan 25( ANI ): The Independent Review of the Intelligence Community (IRIC) has revealed that a riding wave of information on the internet has been observed.