IRIDEInventory of Resources for Infectious Diseases in Europe
IRIDEIconografia Rinascimentale Italiana Dizionario Enciclopedico (Italian: Italian Renaissance Iconography Encyclopedic Dictionary)
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Organizations already taking advantage of its capabilities include Greater Toronto Airports Authority; multi-utility IRIDE Energia; the U.
This situation can be observed in patients with albinism, who have white skin and hair, as well as red irides (colored only by blood in the iris capillaries).
Horner's syndrome comprises ipsilateral partial ptosis, pupillary meiosis, apparent enophthalmos, facial anhidrosis, heterochromia of the irides (if before age two or congenital), and transient decrease in intraocular pressure.
Le tresor des secrets et des irides jecondes (Kanz al-asrar al-afkar) de Muhammad b.
Although 'Beggar Talk' does record a brief conversation between two vagrants named Irides and Misoponus, most of the dialogue presents the latter's detailed description of how he has radically improved his wealth and dress through skillful practice of alchemical deceit.
White irides of AHY and ASY birds, dark eyes of HY individuals [see Emslie and others 1990].
For this project, IRIDeS prepared the model to perform high-resolution calculations, and Fujitsu Laboratories implemented methods for high-efficiency parallelization.
Unfortunately, the cocaine test has drawbacks: (i) some clinicians find it difficult to obtain the drug owing to its scheduling status, and in some countries it is not available at all; (ii) cocaine inhibits the uptake of hydroxyamphetamine from the nerve terminal and the two tests therefore cannot be conducted on the same day; (iii) metabolites of cocaine may remain in urine for up to 2 days after an ophthalmological test, which has implications for patients who may be subjected to a drug-screening test of their urine; (5) (iv) sensitivity of the test is reduced in cases where the interruption of the sympathetic pathway is incomplete; and (v) the response in patients with dark irides may be extremely slow, and up to 3 hours should be allowed before interpreting the results.
9) Patients may also be concerned about the cosmetic aspects of prostaglandins as other ocular effects include ocular redness, darkening of the irides and periocular skin and increased eyelash growth (hypertrichiasis).
Colour (pupils are usually larger in blue irides than brown irides).