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IRIDESCENTImplicit Relationship IDEntification by in-Silico Construction of an Entity-based Network from Text
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But this lady looked neither up nor down; the only thing she had seen, since she stood there, was a circular iridescent patch slowly floating past with a straw in the middle of it.
The drakes were handsome fellows, with pinkish grey bodies, their heads and necks covered with iridescent green feathers which grew close and full, changing to blue like a peacock's neck.
They saw war as they saw history, through an iridescent mist, deodorised, scented indeed, with all its essential cruelties tactfully hidden away.
The only other appearance which I have to notice, is a thin oily coat on the water which displays iridescent colours.
But the flashes were more brilliant than the rainbow--purest blue, most delicate violet, brightest yellow, and all the intermediary shades, with the scintillant brilliancy of the diamond, dazzling, blinding, iridescent.
In sharp contrast is the light that is commonly found indoors, mostly emitted from neon (tungsten) lights and iridescent light bulbs.
Caihong's feathers had pancake-shaped melanosomes similar to those of hummingbirds with iridescent feathers.
Iridescent is Counter Culture's effort to complete the cycle of good work, good cheer, and great coffee.
Sky blue, tender pink and iridescent white with flashy coruscant colours and a joyous spirit, these watches are sure to turn heads with an electrifying impression, thanks to the dial and leaf-type hands enhanced with luminescent reflection.
As we psychologically absorb the pallette of the spaces in which we exist, so Winarsky has collected the sticky, iridescent, scintillating sweat that drips under the heat waves of the wetlands and projected it onto his vessels.
Pink Iridescent Nail Polish - If you like pink, take it a notch up and choose iridescent shades like the ones below.
Most iridescent cells, including those that impart a vivid blue to the morpho butterfly, the glittery colours of beetles and the shine of birds feathers, are dead, much like fingernails and human hair.