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IRIDESCENTImplicit Relationship IDEntification by in-Silico Construction of an Entity-based Network from Text
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He began by blowing--by means of his machinery and air-pumps--several large bubbles which he allowed to float upward into the sky, where the sunshine fell upon them and gave them iridescent hues that were most beautiful.
The only other appearance which I have to notice, is a thin oily coat on the water which displays iridescent colours.
But the flashes were more brilliant than the rainbow--purest blue, most delicate violet, brightest yellow, and all the intermediary shades, with the scintillant brilliancy of the diamond, dazzling, blinding, iridescent.
Billy had to drag Saxon away from the window of a fascinating shop where were iridescent pearls of abalone, set and unset.
It clung to me for some time, monstrous, half conviction and half hope as to its body, with an iridescent tail of dreams and with a changeable head like a plastic mask.
will her iridescent beauty survive the BB's ungodly early rises?
Engelhard Aurora LiquidColor iridescent special-effect films are the latest addition to the company's extensive line of unique Aurora special effect films.
Texture is also important with the use of different fabrics -- velvets, crinkled, sheers, iridescent, suede and corduroys.
Guerlain Divinora Liquid Radiance Complexion Highligher, pounds 23; Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Bronzing Powder Longlasting No 1, pounds 22; Givenchy Stick tincelant Iridescent Reflective Eyeshadow in Gris Fer, pounds 13; L'Oreal Perfection Rouge Pulp in Cristal Integral, pounds 5.
As we psychologically absorb the pallette of the spaces in which we exist, so Winarsky has collected the sticky, iridescent, scintillating sweat that drips under the heat waves of the wetlands and projected it onto his vessels.
Pink Iridescent Nail Polish - If you like pink, take it a notch up and choose iridescent shades like the ones below.
Most iridescent cells, including those that impart a vivid blue to the morpho butterfly, the glittery colours of beetles and the shine of birds feathers, are dead, much like fingernails and human hair.