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Israelite settlement flourished in IrII (1000-721); two-thirds of the eighty-four sites were agricultural hamlets covering less than five dunam, with nearly half of all sites located in the vicinity of the capital, Samaria.
3/4 4-letter words which exhibit 3 like vowels include: AAAB (an Egyptian, the son of Kherab-cad), FAAA (Tahiti), NAAA (Mozambique), TAAA (Morocco), WAAA (Egypt), ESEE (easy), SEEE (El Salvador), TEEE (Australia), IRII (Japan), DOOO (Ivory Coast), OOON (wnh), OORO (Somalia), UULU (Estonia), UURU (Solomon Is).
Und die Hande irii Scho[beta] gefaltet, lie[beta] er seine Augen sich in den Weiten des Meeres verlieren (.
A new company, Industrial Revolution II LP (IRII), will receive a loan of up to $1 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), allowing it to retrofit and equip a garment factory in Port-au-Prince and train workers living at the base of the economic pyramid in Haiti, reports the IDB (Dec.