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IRINIntegrated Regional Information Networks (humanitarian news agency covering sub-Saharan Africa)
IRINIntegrated Regional Information Network
IRINInvestor Relations Information Network
IRINInland Revenue Interactive Network (taxes; Singapore)
IRINInsurance Regulatory Information Network
IRINRéseau d'Information Régional Intégré des Nations Unies (French)
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An IOM official told IRIN that other aid agencies stepped in to maintain "limited service delivery".
When IRIN caught up with him, Halilu was working to secure the release of one such patient.
"It's the same for us if we vote or if we don't vote," Hassan, a Yazidi living in a IDP camp near Dohuk, told IRIN.
Car designer Irin Mann, 12, with an air-powered model car created by pupils from Kenton School, who have won the F1 in Schools competition
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IRIN asked the Norwegians to provide a full list of promises made, but Frode Overland Anderson, a spokesperson for Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs, told IRIN "it is not feasible to make a complete and detailed breakdown of pledges from the Cairo conference." The reasons, Anderson said, were "partly because donors have [yet] to provide a comprehensive breakdown of their contributions and partly due to conditions on the ground that are preventing [disbursement of] further installments."
The deal aims to leave the United Nations to concentrate on core humanitarian work while allowing IRIN, which began by faxing news about Africa in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, to expand with offices in Geneva, New York and London.
"Forty people were killed, most from one family, including children, women and some young boys who had nothing to do with militants," Malik Akbar Khan, an elder of the locally-dominant Dawar tribe told IRIN. "They were all civilians."
"Starvation is not usually a direct cause of death [in severe drought situations]," Saleem Uddin, who has worked in the Thar area at charitable clinics, told IRIN. "But children who are severely malnourished, such as those coming into Tharparkar hospitals, fall sick faster and fail to recover, unlike healthy children."
Iran's naval forces--like the rest of its armed forces--are divided into two organizations: the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) and the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN).
Just a month ago Gao [northeastern town] was under the control of MUJAO [Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa]," Grosjean told IRIN. MUJAO was one of three Islamist and Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups that seized swathes of territory in Mali's north.
"On the second day of his visit, we were deeply concerned why he hadn't called us back as he promised," his wife Khadija told IRIN. "On the third day, we got the bad news that he was killed in a landmine explosion." In nearby al-Mahfad District, a man called Salim Atef was killed on 24 June - with his wife and three children injured - in a blast at their home: It turned out that one of the children had inadvertently brought a UXO remnant into the house, local witnesses told IRIN.