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IRINNIslamic Republic of Iran News Network
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IRINN said officials should explain to the public why Mashai's name was filtered.
Iran's Minister of Petroleum Bijan Namdar Zangeneh said following failed talks in April, the IRINN news channel reported.
The AFP has verified that IRINN used the official interpretation of the speech, "which clearly mentioned Syria.
The Bahraini statement did not name the television channel that it said changed the words, as several state channels transmitted Morsi s speech live, including two in Farsi: IRINN and Channel One.
17 to cooperate in the field of nuclear safety, the state-run IRINN TV reported.
Rouhani made the remarks during a press conference with his visiting South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye in Tehran May 2, Iran's state-run IRINN TV reported.
Abbas Memarnejad, the head of Iran s Customs Organisation, was quoted on the website of state broadcaster IRINN as saying that imports have fallen seven percent in the past four months to 17.
General Hoseyn Salami, commander of IRGC's air force, told the IRINN TV network that Iran had a firm "no first strike" policy in terms of a missile war with Israel, and defended the tests as linked to the approaching anniversary of the 1980 Iraqi attack on Iran--the beginning of a horrible eight-year war that killed at least 250,000 Iranians.
Iran's state-run IRINN TV reported that at least 60 passengers were on board.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Iranian and South Korean officials signed 19 memorandums of understanding (MOUs) on the sidelines of a meeting between Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and South Korean President Park Geun-hye May 2, Iran's state-run IRINN TV reported.
6, broadcast by state-run IRINN TV, Rouhani said the operation will bear no fruit.
Iran and Azerbaijan will jointly finance the Rasht-Astara railwaysegmentin northern Iran, Iranian Deputy Minister of Roads Asghar Kashan said on January 21, the state TV channel IRINN reports.