IRIRIInternal Reflection Infrared Imaging
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The absence of Chiropotes albinasus and Mico argentatus on the right bank of the Iriri River confirms the geographical distribution proposed by Reis et al.
But the main draw in the Amazon are peacock bass, and the strain in the Iriri River is not the larger temesis, but peacock melanie.
Ewart spent her first three months of field work in the Xingu Park, where the Panara had lived for 20 years, but most of her time was in the new site on the Iriri River on the border between the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Para, so most of her study concerns the new site.
Prada-Gamero RM, Vidal-Torrado P, Ferreira TO (2004) Mineralogy and physical chemistry of mangrove soils from Iriri River at the Bertioga Channel (Santos, Sao Paulo State, Brazil).
Orti along with other researchers participated in an expedition to the Xingu and Iriri rivers in Amazonia to collect the data on the fish.
Outras florestas, como Paru, Trombetas, Faro e Iriri e a area de protecao ambiental Triunfo do Xingu, poderao desenvolver atividades agroindustriais e outras atividades humanas e culturais, desde que de forma sustentavel e com o controle do governo.
All of these systems, however, have now been imperiled by the Federal government's plan to build a series of six giant hydroelectric dams along the Xingu and its largest tributary, the Iriri. The largest of these dams, Belo Monte, is to be the first built.
Between October 2004 and last year, the Brazilian government created about 301,000 square miles of newly protected areas right across the most volatile, violent frontier in the Amazon--the Terra do Meio ("land in the middle"), between the Xingu and Iriri rivers in southern Para state.