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IRISIntegrated Risk Information System (US EPA)
IRISIncorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
IRISInternational Railway Industry Standard
IRISIllinois Researcher Information Service (University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign)
IRISInstitut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques (French)
IRISImmune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (HIV and AIDS)
IRISInternet Registry Information Service
IRISInternational Research Institute of Stavanger (Norway)
IRISImmunization Registry Information System
IRISInstitute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Universidad de Guadalajara; Mexico; also seen as IRSI: Instituto de Robótica y Sistemas Inteligentes)
IRISInsurance Regulatory Information System (NAIC)
IRISInfrared Interferometer Spectrometer
IRISImage Recognition Integrated Systems (Belgium)
IRISInternet Router in Space
IriSInternational Research Institutes
IRISInfrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems
iRISIntegrated Research Information System
IRISInterior Redesign Industry Specialist
IRISI Read It Somewhere (online citations management tool)
IRISItalian Research Interim Stage
IRISInstant Response Information Service (Toshiba support knowledgebase)
IRISInternational Radio Interferometric Surveying
IRISInstitute of International and Strategic Studies (Paris)
IRISInternal Rotary Inspection System
IRISIntegrated Registration Information System (Hong Kong)
IRISInstructional Resources Information System
IRISIntegrated Raster Imaging System (workstation from SGI)
IRISInitiative for Research & Innovation in Science (India)
IRISInstitute for Resource Information Systems (Cornell University)
IRISIndependent Resource and Information Services
IRISInternally Radiating Impulse Structure (Engine)
IRISInfrared Imaging Survey
IRISImaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems laboratory (University of Tennessee)
IRISInterrogation Requirements Information System
IRISInstitute for Rural Innovation and Stewardship
IRISInfrared Information Symposium
IRISIncreased Reward with Increased Service
IRISInfrared Information System
IRISIntegrated Records Information System
IRISInfrared Imaging Seeker
IRISIntegrated Reports and Information System (Australia)
IRISInternet Retailer Information System (SAAB)
IRISIntelligent Repair Image System (Paystation Inc.; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
iRISInternet Research Information System
IRISInternal Revenue Information Service
IRISInternal Revenue Information System
IRISInstitut de Robotique et de Systèmes Intelligents (French: Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems; Canada)
IRISInvestment Resource and Information Service (National Library of Singapore)
IRISInfrared Intrusion Sensor
IRISIntegrated Resource Infrastructure Solutions
IRISInspection Reporting Information System
IRISInteractive Retail Information System
IRISInternetted Range Interactive Simulations
IRISInternational Repair Information Service (Electric/electronic repair coding universal)
IRISInarihan River Irrigation System (Philippines)
IRISImmuno-Deficience Primitive: Recherche, Information, Soutien
IRISInter-Region Information Society
IRISIntelligent Retrieval Information System (Sprint)
IRISInferential Retrieval Index System
IRISInternational Retrieval Index System
IRISImaginons un Réseau Internet Soliataire
IRISIntegrated Reliability Information System
IRISIntegrated Reconnaissance Intelligence System
IRISInternational Renal Insufficiency Society
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Irises can be purchased from garden centers, catalogs, and plant sales sponsored by Iris Societies, but if ever there was a true pass-along plant, it is the iris.
DC-iris (auto-iris) control for surveillance cameras with fixed/varifocal lenses does not enable the camera or user to know the exact position of the iris opening, which is needed in order to optimize image clarity.
Something akin to that glow can be read in Jim Broadbent's face in an early scene from Iris, when, as a graying Bayley, he beams with wonder at Murdoch as she delivers a lecture on the importance of education.
But with foolproof ID systems like iris recognition, even your identical twin couldn't pass for you.
Biometrics may solve this problem, since a fingerprint or an iris is undeniably connected to its owner.
GNPD IRIS is the most powerful marketing intelligence innovation tool available.
Pat joined the iris society three years ago after buying some plants at a garden show.
This is the Company's largest dollar value order to date and represents a major milestone," stated IRIS President and Chief Executive Officer Cesar Garcia.
Her husband, Bill, joined later after they visited a Porterville establishment called Sutton's Iris Gardens.
Iris members said lithographs of the painting alone could generate $4 million to $7 million, while the 3-by-4-foot oil rendering of humpback whales in Alaska was almost auctioned off with a minimum bid of $218,000 last month.
We are partnering with Groove Mobile because of their commitment to bringing full track downloads of independent artists to mobile music services around the world," stated Bryn Boughton, Chief Marketing Officer of IRIS Distribution.
The ATM then matches the picture of the iris with the one stored in the bank's database to confirm the customer's identity.