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IRISIntegrated Risk Information System (US EPA)
IRISIncorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
IRISInternational Railway Industry Standard
IRISIllinois Researcher Information Service (University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign)
IRISInstitut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques (French)
IRISInterface Region Imaging Spectrograph (US NASA)
IRISImmune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (HIV and AIDS)
IRISInternet Registry Information Service
IRISInformation Relayed Instantly from the Source
IRISIntegrated Romanian Information Systems
IRISIndependent Removable Information System
IRISInternational Research Institute of Stavanger (Norway)
IRISImpact Reporting & Investment Standards (Global Impact Investing Network)
IRISImmunization Registry Information System
IRISInstitute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Universidad de Guadalajara; Mexico; also seen as IRSI: Instituto de Robótica y Sistemas Inteligentes)
IRISInsurance Regulatory Information System (NAIC)
IRISInfrared Interferometer Spectrometer
IRISImage Recognition Integrated Systems (Belgium)
IRISnternal Rotational Inspection System (ultrasonic technique)
IRISInstitute for Research and Investment Services
IRISInternet Router in Space
IRISInternational Research Institutes
IRISInfrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems
IRISIntegrated Research Information System
IRISInterior Redesign Industry Specialist
IRISInfinitum Research Interception Squad (gaming)
IRISIncident Resource Inventory System (US FEMA)
IRISImaging of Radicals Interacting with Surfaces
IRISI Read It Somewhere (online citations management tool)
IRISIntegrated Resourcing and Incentive System (financial incentive model)
IRISItalian Research Interim Stage
IRISInstant Response Information Service (Toshiba support knowledgebase)
IRISInternational Radio Interferometric Surveying
IRISInstitute of International and Strategic Studies (Paris)
IRISInternal Rotary Inspection System
IRISIntegrated Registration Information System (Hong Kong)
IRISInstructional Resources Information System
IRISIntegrated Raster Imaging System (workstation from SGI)
IRISInitiative for Research & Innovation in Science (India)
IRISInstitute for Resource Information Systems (Cornell University)
IRISIndependent Resource and Information Services
IRISInternally Radiating Impulse Structure (Engine)
IRISInfrared Imaging Survey
IRISImaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems laboratory (University of Tennessee)
IRISInstitute for Rural Innovation and Stewardship
IRISInterrogation Requirements Information System
IRISInfrared Information Symposium
IRISIncreased Reward with Increased Service
IRISInfrared Information System
IRISIntegrated Records Information System
IRISInstant Retrieval Information System (mobile web application)
IRISInfrared Imaging Seeker
IRISIntegrated Reports and Information System (Australia)
IRISInternet Research Information System
IRISInternet Retailer Information System (SAAB)
IRISIntelligent Repair Image System (Paystation Inc.; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
IRISInternal Revenue Information Service
IRISInternal Revenue Information System
IRISInstitut de Robotique et de Systèmes Intelligents (French: Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems; Canada)
IRISInfrared Intrusion Sensor
IRISIntegrated Resource Infrastructure Solutions
IRISInvestment Resource and Information Service (National Library of Singapore)
IRISInspection Reporting Information System
IRISInteractive Retail Information System
IRISInternetted Range Interactive Simulations
IRISInarihan River Irrigation System (Philippines)
IRISInternational Repair Information Service (Electric/electronic repair coding universal)
IRISImmuno-Deficience Primitive: Recherche, Information, Soutien
IRISInter-Region Information Society
IRISInferential Retrieval Index System
IRISIntelligent Retrieval Information System (Sprint)
IRISImaginons un Réseau Internet Soliataire
IRISInternational Retrieval Index System
IRISIntegrated Reliability Information System
IRISIntegrated Reconnaissance Intelligence System
IRISInternational Renal Insufficiency Society
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IRIS Software Group said bringing FMP into the group is transformative, expanding IRIS' footprint into the US and other international markets, while also further strengthening the company's position in the UK payroll and HR sectors.
The global iris recognition market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 22% over the forecast period from 2016 to 2022, according to the latest research report from Market Research Future (MRFR).
The benefits delivered by IRIS products were recognised independently in 2015.
Over the last three years, Iris Nova has built infrastructure to support direct sales of beverages at scale using a proprietary conversational commerce (cCommerce) platform that allows customers to place orders and interact with the company via text message.
In particular, the programme introduces recruiters to the business case for ethical recruitment, reveals what comprises the IRIS Standard and explains in simple terms what management systems look like in practice.
Ms Zeidan said: "I'm delighted to have won the Iris Prize.
John Daugman in the 1990s (Daugman, 1991), who got the idea from Flom and Safir's patented theoretical design, Iris Biometric identification systems have successfully been implemented and can be found in important applications around the world, ranging from offices to log entry in systems, to airports and passport offices (to associate visa details).
TA six-day celebration, the festival includes screenings of 35 international short films competing for the Iris Prize and the 15 Best British Short nominees, as well as feature films, parties, talks, an education day and much more.
This service, which requires a customer to scan their iris on a tablet, will boost the bank's financial inclusion efforts by making Aadhaar authentication process hassle-free and offering easier access to digital banking for consumers especially in the rural parts of the country.
The artificial iris is composed of thin, foldable medical-grade silicon that's custom-fitted and colored for each individual patient.
Public health company The US Food and Drug Administration stated on Wednesday that it has authorised for sale the first prosthetic iris in the US through its premarket approval application (PMA) for congenital aniridia, a rare genetic disorder in which the iris is completely or partially absent.
After a screening of this week's ( Season 4, episode 16 at The CW office, executive producer Todd Helbing was asked if fans are going to see Iris (Candice Patton) suit up as Purple Flash again in the future.