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IRKIdentity Resolving Key (Bluetooth)
IRKInwardly Rectifying K
IRKInsulin Receptor Kinase
IRKInternationales Rotes Kreuz (German: International Red Cross)
IRKIslamic Religious Knowledge
IRKImplicit Runge-Kutta Method (magnetic field computation)
IRKInterswitch Rekeying Key
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"No," said the girl, "the subject irks me, and I shall not marry Djor Kantos, or another--I do not intend to wed."
This he stood, although much bored; but what irked him almost beyond standing were the feigned caresses and endearments Del Mar lavished on him.
canst thou not see That e'en this question irks me?
OEDIPUS Aye, take him quickly, for his presence irks And lets me; gone, thou canst not plague me more.
'After Parchi, 'Heer Maan Ja' is my second collaboration with IRK Films, and we are extremely glad to be able to give the worldwide audience extremely high quality family entertainment.' said Arif Lakhani the producer of the movie.
The town hall will this week put its vision for the Irk corridor, stretching from Angel Meadows to Harpurhey, out to public consultation.
1951 yilinda Parlamento Guney Afrikali siyahlarin ayn bolgelerde oturmasmi gerektiren bir yasa cikararak irk ayrimciligini derinlestirdi.
If I am particularly irked, I will add, "It would help if you didn't wait until the last minute to ask my help."
What Manchester council has fleshed out its 'Northern Gateway' vision for the vast corridor along both the Irk valley and Rochdale Road, which it wants to turn into an 'urban boulevard.'.
It all started off with a funny video, where the audience sees an argument between Imran Raza Kazmi and Hareem Farooq: the co-producers of the film and the head honchos of IRK Films, bantering about the casting the lead actor of the film, and other things.
"Working in partnership with local people and lots of different agencies, the Irk Valley project aims to provide safe, comfortable countryside links that will create long-term benefits for both people and wildlife," it says, only just still readable.