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IRLIndy Racing League
IRLIn Real Life
IRLRepublic Of Ireland (Eireann, International Auto Identification)
IRLIndian River Lagoon
IRLIndustrial Research Ltd (New Zealand Crown Research Institute)
IRLInter-Repeater Link
IRLIm Richtigen Leben (German: In real life)
IRLIndustrial Robot Language
IRLInteractive Reader Language
IRLInjured Reserve List (football)
IRLIntegrated Regional Laboratories (Ft Lauderdale, Florida)
IRLInfinite Rocket Launcher (Resident Evil 4 game)
IRLInternet Reconfigurable Logic
IRLInformation Retrieval Language
IRLInternational Refugee Law
IRLIntelligent Robotics Laboratory (School of Engineering, Vanderbilt University)
IRLInspiratory Resistive Loading (respiratory studies)
IRLIncandescent Reflector Lamp (lighting)
IRLIntegrated Reader Lock
IRLInstitute for Research in Learning
IRLImprovised Rocket Launcher (insurgency)
IRLInformation Resource Locator
IRLInformation-Based Remaining Lifetime
IRLInteragency Review Letter
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In the Sauser approach, The IRL matrix and the TRL vector are multiplied together as a vector product (U.
IRL has no connections with the IAF purchase of AW101 helicopters.
It has been reported that as many as six Champ Car teams and 10 drivers will enter IRL competition.
They are part of an integrated marketing plan to increase attendance at IRL races, improve television ratings and the league's image, and raise the profile of IRL drivers to the star status of top NASCAR driver's.
Significant promotions during IRL events, with the ethanol logo on T-shirts, autograph cards and other items, autograph sessions for Dana and his fans, plus other related tactics to spread the word about the wonders of ethanol.
An exodus from the CART Champ Car Series began a couple years ago, says Brown, when Roger Penske moved to the IRL and others followed.
American Honda, which is leaving the IRL rival league CART this season, said it will initially work with Ilmor Engineering -- the British firm known for designing F1 engines for the Mercedes racing team -- to develop and produce Honda engines for Indy 500 races.
Dr Bill Baker, an expert on contaminated land who managed the IRL for 20 years before leaving 1996, said he was saddened that the council had agreed to close it down as a cost cutting measure.
The sole foreign mine operator in India in the field of base metals, Australia-based, IRL started operating Hindustan Copper's Surda copper mine and Mosaboni Concentrator plant in November 2007.
International Resource News-13 July 2010-Minera IRL signs contract with ITMM(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
M2 EQUITYBITES-26 February 2010-Minera IRL signs option to purchase Quilavira Gold Exploration Project(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The IRL is the first racing series to use such a fuel in all its cars.