IRLAInternational Religious Liberty Association (est. 1893; Silver Spring, MD)
IRLAIndependent Research Libraries Association (est. 1972)
IRLAIndividual Running Ledger Account (India)
IRLAIndependent Reading Level Assessment (American Reading Company)
IRLAItem Repair Level Analysis
IRLAInstitute of Registered Landscape Architects
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6,7 The combination of IRLA and PNB is widely used for pain control during the procedure, but the performance of IRLA and PNB delivers pain and discomfort.
reported that the caudal block with 10 ml 1% lidocaine did not provide as effective anesthesia and post procedural analgesia as IRLA plus PNB with the same dose of lidocaine for prostate biopsy.
2% lidocaine provides more effective and comfortable anesthesia than the combination of IRLA and PNB for TRUS guided prostate biopsy.
Las declaraciones de la IRLA tras las reuniones de Ciudad del Cabo y de Washington, suponen contribuciones relevantes al servicio de una centrada defensa del hecho religioso, frente a determinadas corrientes que parecen mas orientadas a intentar hacerlo desaparecer del contexto social.
En mi opinion, el contenido de las declaraciones y propuestas de la IRLA sobre la libertad religiosa es acertado y mereceria ser atendido en lineas generales.
Tambien a traves de la accion de benemeritas organizaciones como la IRLA, que trabaja eficazmente en favor de la libertad religiosa y que merece un reconocimiento de su tarea, como el que le ofrece la profesora Ciaurriz con su valioso trabajo.
By focusing on rare materials in specific areas and by building eminent, noncirculating collections, an IRLA institution "supplements" the special collections in academic libraries in a meaningful way.
New constituencies sought by some IRLA institutions and actively served by all their Web sites are secondary teachers and students, undergraduate students,journalists, writers, artists, and families.
Many IRLA libraries have offered research fellowships (both pre- and post-doctorate) supported by grant funds received from NEH, the Andrew W.
In regard to digital access, now all IRLA libraries have Web sites that may be used by their constituencies and the general public.
Now some digital content is coming out of IRLA libraries and being made available as a part of RLG Cultural Materials, a database of digital images and text to which any library may subscribe.
It has been difficult for IRLA libraries to keep up with academic libraries in making digital products available commercially to their readers.