IRLIImmigration Reform Law Institute (Washington, DC)
IRLIInstitute of Russian Literature (St. Petersburg, Russia)
IRLIInternational Resource Laboratories for Iodine Network
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IRLI director Michael Hethmon calls these bills "field tests"--legal experiments launched wherever the political conditions are ripe, to see which will withstand court challenges in the hopes that one will eventually be upheld by the Supreme Court.
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Now, in a new development, IRLI has filed a lawsuit against a New Jersey management firm, claiming the company knowingly rented apartments to undocumented immigrants in violation of federal law.
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Targeting hirers of undocumented workers for legal action is not the IRLI's only weapon, Hethmon said.
'No one should purchase or try to sell Kapiti land because it does not belong to anyone but IRLI," he told a press briefing.
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