IRLIImmigration Reform Law Institute (Washington, DC)
IRLIInstitute of Russian Literature (St. Petersburg, Russia)
IRLIInternational Resource Laboratories for Iodine Network
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On top of their complaint alleging, in part, that DHS exceeded its statutory authority and ignored statutory labor protections when it issued the rule, IRLI is requesting a preliminary injunction from the court against the program until a full trial on the merits of the case can be heard.
Dale Wilcox, Executive Director of IRLI, commented, "Obama's Office of Legal Counsel has stated that 'Congress has long been aware of the practice of granting categorical deferred action and it has never acted to disapprove or limit the practice.
Furthermore, FAIR created IRLI to write and advocate some of the harshest antiimmigration laws in the country.
Miles, the IRLI staff attorney who worked on the complaint.
About IRLI The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is America's only public interest law organization working exclusively to protect the legal rights, privileges, and property of U.
In a statement explaining why she approached IRLI for assistance in preparing the complaint, grassroots immigration activist, Julie Aldrich said: "As citizens opposed to state encouragement of illegal immigration, we just got fed up with seeing taxpayer-funded lobbyists from OCHLA showing up at hearings and issuing statements that undermine the rule of law in our state.
For further information about the complaint, please contract IRLI at info@irli.
IRLI, the nation's leader in developing immigration enforcement legislation at the state level, has counseled lawmakers across the country on every innovative approach in the field of cooperative state immigration enforcement law since 2001.
Kris Kobach, IRLI Senior Counsel, will argue the case for the citizens.
Through legal action by public interest lawyers or repeal legislation like the bill just introduced by Senator Janssen of Fremont, the states are beginning to step back from open defiance of the Constitution and repudiate unlawful policies that treat illegal aliens better than American citizens," said IRLI General Counsel Mike Hethmon.
Our alliance seeks companies that have lost business as the result of the illegal hiring practices of their competitors," explained Mike Hethmon, general counsel for IRLI.