IRLMIMS/Vs Resource Lock Manager (IBM)
IRLMInternational Registry of Lung Metastases
IRLMImperial Royal Lion Monarchy, Inc. (San Jose, CA; charitable fundraising organization)
IRLMInter System Resource Lock Manager
IRLMInduced Rat Liver Microsomes
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Pathogenicity tests were repeated threefold, and based on the numbering system, the highest scoring rate was 4, related to the virulence of the strain IRLM.
In experiments conducted in the greenhouse conditions, the effect of phytotoxin from IRLM.
Detection of the concentration and the molecular weight of IRLM.
CENEVAL) Alumnos con 700 [less than or equal to] IRLM < 1000 Diagnostico de Fisica por CENEVAL Grupo Elemental (%) Satisfactorio (%) Sobresaliente (%) 1 0.