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IRLRImpoverishment Risk and Livelihood Reconstruction (model)
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Country, breed, abbreviation, sampling location and sample size (n) of chickens used in this study Country Breed Abbreviation Sampling location n Turkey Denizli TRD Lalahan Livestock Central 16 Animal Research Institute Denizli Cock Rearing Farm 15 Gerze TRG Lalahan Livestock Central 23 Animal Research Institute Iran White IRWM Kerec Research Institute 23 Marandi Black IRBM Kerec Research Institute 30 Marandi Naked Neck IRNN Kerec Research Institute 22 Common IRCB Kerec Research Institute 23 Breed New IRNH Kerec Research Institute 23 Hampshire Lari IRLR East Azerbaijan Rearing 24 Central West IRWA Urmia Research Institute 23 Azerbaijan Table 2.
61) See, eg, FSS Travel and Leisure Systems Ltd v Johnson [1998] IRLR 382 (use of online
ISS Kantineservice A/s [1993] IRLR 133 ECJ, the court reiterated that, ".
26) See, eg, Courtaulds Northern Textiles Ltd v Andrew [1979] IRLR 84; Woods v W M Car Services (Peterborough) Ltd [1982] ICR 693; Lewis v Motorworld Garages Ltd [1986] IRC 157; Bliss v South East Thames Regional Health Authority [1987] ICR 700.
5) See Massey v Crown Life Insurance Co [1978] ICR 509 CA and Young and Woods Ltd v West [1980] IRLR 201 CA.
In the recent case of Outram v Academy Plastics (2000 IRLR 499), the Court of Appeal clarified the extent to which an employer has a duty to inform its employees of details of their contractual benefits.
2 [1993] IRLR 445), was to prove as important as her first.
But the recent case of Driskel v Peninsula Business Services Ltd & ors (2000 IRLR 151; EAT) should remind employers of the dangers of this attitude.
Of particular significance to occupational pension provision have been the three Social Security Acts of 1985, 1986 and 1990 and the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Barber v, Guardian Royal Exchange ([1990] IRLR 240).