IRLSSGInternational Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group
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Calismamiza IRLSSG kriterlerine gore primer HBS tanisi konmus 30'u (%73,2) kadin, 11'i (%26,8) erkek olmak uzere 41 hasta dahil edilmistir.
In order to determine content validity and reliability of the IRLSSG questionnaire, Cornbrash's alpha coefficient was used in this study.
Repeated ANOVA test showed that the severity of RLS scores (according to IRLSSG scale) decreased meaningfully in the intervention group by 8 weeks, but these scores didn't change significantly in the same period in the control group (P < 0.
Diagnosis of RLS can be established based on the IRLSSG diagnostic criteria.
6%) were classified as RLS positive based on criteria defined by IRLSSG.
All these studies employed the same IRLSSG essential criteria as used in our study.
There are four essential criteria to make a denite diagnosis of RLS according to IRLSSG.
Patients were asked 4 questions based on the IRLSSG criteria.
Huzursuz bacaklar sendromu belirtileri: HBS tanisi, IRLSSG tarafindan belirlenen 1) bacaklarda parestezi ve dizestezinin eslik ettigi bacaklari hareket ettirme isteginin varligi, 2) sensori-motor huzursuzlugun varligi, 3) istirahatte (yatma ya da oturma) semptomlarin kotulesmesi ya da ortaya cikmasi ve hareket ettirme ile kismi gecici rahatlamanin olmasi, 4) semptomlarin aksam - gece saatlerinde siddetlenmesi sorularinin 4'une evet yanitini verenlere konuldu.
Treatment guidelines, supported by the IRLSSG and the Medical Advisory Board of the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation, are based on symptom frequency and severity--whether they are intermittent, daily, or refractory.
The IRLSSG also developed associated features that may not support the diagnosis but are often present in patients with RLS and that the practitioner should inquire about.
However, IRLSSG has recently developed and validated a rating scale aiming at measuring the severity of symptoms.