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IRLYIndependent Retail Lumber Yard
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IRLY had long been using paper-based methods to receive, store, pick, and ship merchandise in its eight-acre distribution campus that includes 105,000 square feet of covered rack storage and another 45,000 square feet of partially covered, shed-type space, they call their "yard.
IRLY had been working out of its ERP system for order fulfillment and to track inventory with some enhancements, but it was not nearly as robust as what a real WMS could give them.
Everyone else there, however, remains in place, and the IRLY banner will continue to be offered as a brand for dealers within the TIM-BR MARTS organization, Brownlow says.
The event, she adds, allows vendors to meet with all of the IRLY dealers in one place.
Following the gala dinner, two of the three founding members of IRLY joined the group to share a brief history of IRLY, which was founded in 1963, and their personal backgrounds.
The purchase includes the lumber, building materials and hardware inventory assets of IRLY and its members.
The shows featured samoles sourced by TIM-BR MART and IRLY buyers at the latest Canton Fair, China's giant buying show.
It will be very much a local show, where more than 100 vendors will be invited to participate, says IRLY president Susan Robinson.
There are 42 independently owned and operated IRLY stores in British Columbia.
IRLY Distributors, Federated Co-operatives and Ottawa-based Preston Hardware.
Most recently, IRLY Distributors has made the training available to its 43 member dealers, joining the ranks of NRHA Canada members Home Hardware Stores Ltd.