IRMTInternational Records Management Trust
IRMTIntegrated Resource Management Team (US Navy)
IRMTInstitute of Registered Music Teachers (Wellington, New Zealand)
IRMTInternational Register of Massage Therapists (UK)
IRMTInternational Roerich Memorial Trust (Naggar, India)
IRMTIndependent Rotax Maintenance Technician
IRMTIslamic Revival Movement of Tajikistan
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In this regard, it is observed that the performance of the IRBT and the IRMT algorithms much better than that of the other two algorithms.
In [20], we demonstrated that the IRBT algorithm balances the traffic load in the network more efficiently than the IRMT algorithm.
The Act was signed by Shri Rakesh Kanwar, Director (LAC) & Member Secretary, Executive Committee, IRMT, Shri Amitabh Awasthi, Deputy Commissioner, Kullu, Dr.
It was decided to have full time Administrator in IRMT, Naggar, Kullu.
In reality, however, virtually every piece of legislation created by a government can have record-keeping implications (IRMT 2009).
In addition to researching legislative frameworks, it is important for the records professional to understand--and if possible influence--the policies and regulations under which information and records are created, used and managed (IRMT 2009).
The IRMT is still functioning today, albeit on a more limited basis.
The mission of the IRMT, a unique organization in the universe of global information management, is to promote the cause of records and information management in these countries. was established in 1989 to develop new approaches to the problems of managing records in developing countries.
As the IRMT puts it, "loss of control of records undermines the rule of law ...
ICA, IRMT, and ARMA are all very different organizations, but by working together the group is richer than the sum of the parts.
Developed by IRMT, this project is one of the most significant responses to the challenge of managing information in developing countries.