IRMYI Really Miss You
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Bailey has noted, "Paul the Clown, Irmy the sword-swallower, and Almstead the magician are artists in the same sense that Kafka's hunger artist is an artist" (156).
In Shadows and Fog, the comic storyline revolves around the relationship between an unfaithful clown (played by John Malkovich) who thinks of himself as an artist and his long-suffering wife, Irmy (played by Mia Farrow), who desperately wants a family.
Special thanks to Florence Elyn and Marilyn Muir, co-chairs, and their planning committee members: Andy Bakker, Irmy Friesen, Yvonne Rhoden, and Robert Wiebe, and board contact Faye Clark for their commitment to the planning and execution of the conference.
CANNT appreciates the hard work of the CANNT 2007 planning committee including: Florence Elyn (Co-Chair), Marilyn Muir (Co-Chair), Irmy Friesen, Yvonne Rhoden, Robert Wiebe and Andy Bakker.