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IRNIran (ISO Country code)
IRNInternational Resource News
IRNInternational Rivers Network
IRNIntermediate Routing Node
IRNInternet Resources Newsletter
IRNIndependent Radio News (UK)
IRNIntermediate Routing Node (Cisco)
IRNIntelligent Retail Network (Cisco)
IRNInterface Revision Notice
IRNInvestor Relations Network
IRNInspection Release Note
IRNInternationally Recruited Nurse (migration and labor market studies)
IRNIron Roughneck (drilling)
IRNIndex Reference Number
IRNIntelligent Remote Nodes (Integrated Network Corp)
IRNIronton Railroad Company
IRNInstructor Radar Navigator
IRNInformation Resource Navigator
IRNIntel Research Network
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Steve Sanderson fired IRN ahead in the 10th minute but Kevin Leitch levelled shortly afterwards.
That now sugar free is going to be the way for Irn Bru.
Thankfully, B&M is now selling huge boxes of Irn Bru, for just [pounds sterling]1.99 - giving its customers a final taste of the old flavour before the new recipe is rolled out.
The statement, shared on social media, reads: "Irn Bru will still be made with the same secret flavour essence as it's always been.
The IRN piece was a response to a leaked GERD Panel of Experts report on the expected environmental consequences of Ethiopia's massive hydroelectric dam project in the Blue Nile.
These usable goods were donated through IRN to Food For The Poor, an international relief and development organization.
The sticky dessert, called Braveheart Butter Bombs, is served with an Irn Bru ice cream and coulis.
The European Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health is considering reducing the permitted maximum level of sunset yellow, the artificial colouring that gives Irn Bru its distinctive orange colour.
Kashif Mahmood grabbed six for 24 to dismiss IRN Bru for 118 and Abu Dhabi Gymkhana openers Shafqat Ehsan (47 not out) and Humayun Gill (54 not out) hit the winning runs in just 14 overs.
IRN, an automotive forecasting and consulting firm, just completed its fourth biennial survey of automotive suppliers which showed the highest level of both price reduction requests and supplier givebacks in the survey's short history.
Lennon paired with Dana Draper, both consultants, in early 2000 to create the IRN. They launched their surplus property program in 2003, with donations from about a dozen schools.
Which brings to mind something that Kim Korth, president of consultancy IRN ( and AD & P columnist, recommends to suppliers (named Steve or not).