IROCICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) Report on Ocean Climate
IROCInternational Race Of Champions
IROCIndependent Rental Owners Council
IROCIntelligence Readiness and Operations Capability (US Army)
IROCIndependent Rental Owners Committee
IROCInstantaneous Rate of Change
IROCIntegrated Repair Operations Center (Sprint)
IROCIntrusion-Resistant Optical Cable
IROCIdiot Right Out of College
IROCIraq Reconstruction Operations Center
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IROC is part of a research trend that's seen cannabis-focused scientific endeavors launch in several countries, including Australia and the Czech Republic.
3 September 2014 - US pharmaceuticals and medical devices company Avedro Inc announced today the acquisition of Swiss UV-X devices producer IROC Innocross AG without disclosing financial details.
It was the only remaining technology services business operated by IROC, with the other technology businesses being divested in 2009.
When the wraps came off the Volkswagen IROC concept at the Paris Show in 2006, few were in any doubt that this was the face of the all-new Scirocco.
Gerry Marshall, British racing driver, while test driving Richard Petty's IROC Camaro.
A handful of DURD ROCS have survived, including the Western Sydney ROC (WSROC), Illawarra ROC (IROC) south of Sydney (now known as the 'Southern Councils Group') and the Hunter ROC (HROC, renamed 'Hunter Councils Inc') in the Newcastle region.
A legion of angry geeks were up in arms after the final production version of the car failed to capture the ferocious styling of the Iroc concept car on which it was based.
The Iroc concept car was rolled out at the Paris International Motor Show and was afforded the same sort of reception as a relative with a massive lottery win.
The new Scirocco is based on the Iroc Concept car which was unveiled to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 2006.
The auto maker first signalled its intentions two years ago when it unleashed the Iroc concept car on an unsuspecting public.
The carmaker first signalled its intentions two years ago when it unleashed the Iroc concept car.
First shown two years ago as the Iroc concept car, it certainly sparked widespread global interest not least among sports coupe fans.