IRPCMInternational Research Programme on Comparative Mycoplasmology (International Organizaion for Mycoplasmology)
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Based on molecular classification and the guidelines established by the IRPCM Phytoplasma/Spiroplasma Working Team-Phytoplasma Taxonomy Group (IRPCM, 2004), phytoplasmas have been classified into 43 'Candidatus Phytoplasma' species (Arneodo, et al., 2007; Fernandez, Galdeano, Kornowski, Arneado, & Conci, 2016; Zhao & Davis, 2016; Miyazaki et al., 2017; Naderali et al., 2017).
Although, this level of sequence divergence is higher than the recommended threshold of 2.5% deemed sufficient by the International Research Program on Comparative Mycoplasmology (IRPCM, 2000) for defining the status of novel "Candidatus" phytoplasma specie, there is not enough supporting evidence that the agent detected in this sample could be recognized as a novel putative specie, and\or belonging to another subgroup of the 16SrXIV group.