IRPIIndustrial Research Products, Inc. (Illinois)
IRPIIndividual Rod Position Indication (nuclear regulation)
IRPIInternational Reinforced Plastics Industry
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Also, the expected incremental net revenue from a throughput improvement of 25 percent would not materialize (i.e., IRPI = 0) if squared timber price decreased by at least 5.4 percent or to $385.02/MBF or lower.
Table 5.--Lumber and chip yields associated with product mixes PMA and PMB and increases in net revenue (in $/8-hour workshift) due to product yield improvement (IRVYI), productivity improvement (IRPI), and input log cost savings (IRLCS) for various levels of mill productive capacity utilization, based on fourth quarter 2008 nominal prices.
Using az ocasein as a substrate, we were able to correlate patterns of irpi expression with increased proteolyric activity in crude extracts from soybean cotyledons and shoot tips exposed to methyl jasmonate.
UNICE advocates that a discussion at the World Trade Organisation or World Intellectual Property Organisation.Georges Bonet, President of the Institut de Recherche en Propriete Intellectuelle (IRPI - France), takes a similar stance to UNICE, saying that international exhaustion should not be considered until its economic impact has been properly determined and only in the absence of guaranteed reciprocal rights, especially since there was no guarantee that price cuts would be passed on to consumers.
The new products were unveiled in a ceremony in Iran's Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (IRPI) in Tehran to mark the 34th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.